Register personal key to your AAU card

Civil register no. (*)
Type without hyphen.
Card no. 5-6 digit code which appear on your student card.
(*) If you do not have a Danish CPR number (Civil registration number), you must write your date, month, and year of birth in that order. Then, write the first two letters of your first given name followed by the first letter of your family name. Finally, you must indicate your gender: 1 for males and 2 for females. A male person named Claes Anders Fredrik Moen, born the 31st of August 1975, must write: 310875CLM1.

If you are using a public computer (i.e. in a library or at the service desk) then you should use an "Incognito mode" of your browser
(that is how it is called in both Chrome and Firefox, but it is called "InPrivate browsing" in Internet Explorer)
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